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The Evolution of the Cambell Hausfeld Air Compressor

So, what do air compressors and corn have in common? This sounds like a trick question, and perhaps it is. I would be accurate is asking, what do Campbell Hausfeld air compressors have in common with a corn planter? Well, it all comes down to history and how a company evolves over the decades.

When Alexander Campbell started business in 1836, for obvious reasons, he wasn't thinking about air compressors. He made wagons, and when his brothers, William and James, joined him a year later in a black smith shop, they expanded into carriages, plows, harrows and cultivators. They were in Harrison, Ohio, farm country, so they concentrated on farm equipment. But they were not just content to make what was already around, they were innovative. They saw a need for a "corn drill" to make corn planting easier and quicker. They worked on their design for 22 years before a patent was awarded for the Campbell Corn Planter in 1859. Despite the patent, the machine still had problems, and out of discouragement, Alexander sold his share of the business to William and James.

It was four years later when the remaining two brothers solved the design problems and began production of their first commercial corn drill. Soon after, James became the sole owner of the business, calling it the James Campbell Manufacturing Company. The original corn drill was adapted for planting small seeds, dropping cotton and for fertilizing.

Let's fast forward through time. James' three sons now own the company, and the company has evolved. They expanded their manufacturing to making crucible furnaces for the Ohio Pattern Works and Foundry Company owned by Joseph Hausfeld. The association was so successful, that Hausfeld moved his operation from Cincinnati to Harrison in 1918, and in 1920 the two companies merged and become the Campbell Hausfeld Company, by which it is still known today.

The company diversified its metal castings and later expanded into sprayers for farmers and businesses. But it was in 1940 that a new era for the company began when they entered the air compressor business by purchasing all the patterns, tools, dies and fixtures for the manufacture of the Pressure King Air Compressor.

Over 90 years the company evolved from wagons, to corn planters, to crucible doors to air compressors. The company has continued to add new products, especially a lot of tools and sprayers that can be used with the air compressors.

Today, Campbell Hausfeld air compressors fall into many categories. They make commercial , contractor and residential air compressors, as well as oil-less compressors.

The largest category is the residential Campbell Hausfeld air compressors. These range greatly in price and size, so anyone can find one that works best for their needs. The smallest compressor I could find was 2 gallons, and the largest had a 60 gallon capacity, and of course there was everything in between.

But, regardless of what size or why you need an air compressor (and there are many uses for one of these around your home), you know that with Campbell Hausfeld air compressors you are getting history and quality from a company that has been around for over 150 years.


Cabinet Hardware - One Finishing Touch That You Should Not Overlook

You just got done remodeling your kitchen space and are now onto putting the finishing touches on the space. Now, there is one finishing touch that you don't want to forget about and that is buying new cabinet hardware for your cabinets.

Whether you have refurbishing cabinets or just new cabinets, it is important to have the right cabinet hardware on there because if you don't, then things might look mismatched and kind of out of place. Like, if you changed the look of your space and cabinets to something that is more modern, and the cabinet hardware that you had on your cabinets was antique before, then that hardware is not going to match the new look that you decided on.

So, as you can see, it's important to have the right cabinet hardware in place and what's great about it, is the fact that it comes in a variety of styles, types, shapes, and sizes. This makes it easy to find just the right ones to match the décor of your space, creating a cohesive look that will be sure to please. Some of the different style options that are out there include those that have a very modern feel, featuring sleek lines. Others that are more on the antique side that have looping scrollwork, and some that look like they are right out of the colonial era.

Basically, there are a lot of choices and the reason why there are so many style options with cabinet hardware is the fact that it can be made from all sorts of materials, which can be finished off in a number of different ways. Like, the ones that have a modern feel would probably be crafted out of stainless steel and feature a polished finish while the ones that are on the antique side would probably be crafted from brass and have like an oil rubbed finish. Those of the colonial era would probably be made out of wrought iron featuring a matte black finish. Some of the other material options, along with those mentioned, are other metals like steel and aluminum, wood, ceramic, and glass while some other finishes include burnished, brushed, and hand painted.

To easily check out all the different choices, forget about going to the local hardware store, and instead just hit the Internet for some online shopping. It's fast since it just takes a click of the mouse to do it, plus, when you do come across something you like, it generally is at the best prices possible. Your purchase will even be shipped right to your home. Shopping has never been more convenient.

In the end, if you are just about to complete remodeling your kitchen space, don't forget that one of the most important finishing touches is to purchase new cabinet hardware for your cabinets. If you go with the old ones, then you are really defeating the purpose of remodeling everything in the first place. So, buy new, that way your space will have a gorgeous, completed appearance.


Garage Floor Covering - Benefits of Protecting your Garage Floor

When a discussion about garage floor covering starts, people think about oil spills, stains, cracks, and various other issues. After all, most garages would not be considered the "cleanest" places to inhabit. However, covers for the floor can definitely make a difference when it comes to added protection.

Here are some of the benefits:

#1 Looking New

Garage floor coverings provide homeowners with the ability to make an old garage look new. It doesn't matter if plastic, rubber, or wood is used, because all of them can hide cracks, stains, and a poorly constructed garage floor. They can also keep new garages looking new.

It's definitely an investment, but well worth the money. Plus, it's possible to bring new life to a floor with different colors, designs, and patterns. This alone is a great reason for utilizing floor covering, but there are several other benefits as well.

#2 Adding Value to the Home

Homeowners looking to sell can influence buyers with a nicer looking garage. Since most garages are messy, one that looks nice can make buyers think the rest of the house will look immaculate. The majority of the time, the inside DOES provide the same appeal. The best part is; it's possible to add additional value to the home without breaking the bank.

Granted, rigid plastic (100% pvc) is much more expensive than wood or rubber tiling, so it's a good idea to look over the pricing of each one. It's possible for the inexpensive choices to add just as much value to the home. While this is true, it's also possible they will be "unbecoming" to buyers. Take the smart approach and this potential issue will be eliminated.

#3 Longevity

Those who take the time to add floor covering to their garage will enjoy longevity benefits. Over time, if a garage is not taken care of properly, the foundation of the concrete can suffer. This can create cracks, movement, and an uneven flooring pattern.

Think of this covering as an added protection like a sealant. Instead of worrying about oil and grease stains, gas odors, or other issues, covers can keep the garage smelling like new and provide long lasting benefits. It's quite expensive to replace a garage floor due to cracks and life-long stains. Save the money and purchase the right flooring, instead.

Once a homeowner takes a look at the big picture, flooring might be considered a necessity. Garage Floor Covering can offer a plethora of benefits, whether the garage is a workshop or simply a place to store vehicles. Best of all; it can save any homeowner thousands of dollars throughout the lifetime of the home.


Simple Tips For Woodworking Projects

There are several places you can look if you are searching for help or advice on a wood working project. One of the best tips when looking for pointers, is to ask a retired carpenter in your neighbourhood. lots of retirees miss their career and also miss the days when there were apprentices to whom they could pass on their skills.

You could learn a great deal from a retired carpenter, because anyone who is retiring now would still have done a proper, old-fashioned apprenticeship, by which I mean college, day release from college and then work experience.

After leaving college, gaining a diploma and finding a position, the young carpenter would do perhaps a year or two in the machine shop before being permitted to go out on site to learn how to fit what he or she had made, under the supervision of a skilled carpenter.

That was a very all round apprenticeship, but it all began to alter in most countries in the Nineties or even in the mid-Eighties. I am not decrying 'contemporary' apprenticeships, yet these days people seem to become more specialized than they used to be. If you are searching for help or advice on a wood working project, look for a retiree - they will have more time anyhow.

If you want to make something, but you are inexpert, get a wood working plan. You may think that you do not need one to just make a table with benches or a bird table and maybe you do not, yet it is better to get into the routine of learning how to read and decipher easy plans first, so that once you move onto harder projects, you can understand the plans.

If you are concerned about the costs, there is no need. You can get hold of fairly good plans for wood working projects free on the Internet or you can purchase really top-notch plans for only a few pence each, especially if you purchase a CD with thousands of different plans on it.

The difference between a good plan and a mediocre one is enormous. A decent plan will advise on the sort of wood to use and the best tools to do the job well. It may even give you an idea of the degree of skill needed to make the item and an notion of the cost too, although the usefulness of this aspect is eroded by time.

So, what type of items can a beginner begin making? Well, a bird table is a good starting place and so is a garden table and two benches. In general, all garden furniture is a decent place to begin, because, let us be candid, if it is a bit rough, it does not matter. It is a good manner of gaining experience without attracting too much criticism.

Indoor stuff is a different kettle of fish, but you could try a jewelery box or a wine rack. If you want to learn marquetry or inlaying, create a chess board out of timbers of two different colours, say, beech and mahogany. They look really lovely!


Basic Information About Miter Saws

If you are working with wood, and if you are interested in making moldings, picture frames or other type of precise cuts, standard miter saws are the perfect tools for you. In other words, this tool will make cross-cuts with precision and accuracy. It is available as a hand or power tool, but most prefer the power option.

The tool works when it grabs a spinning circular saw blade and thrusts it into a piece of wood with a short, but controlled, motion. It provides a definite angle, usually set at 90 degrees. This allows it to make a perfect horizontal cut between the blade and the edge of the longest piece of wood.

However, the angle is not permanently set at the standard position. In fact, one of the best features of this saw is that it allows you to use its miter index. This permits the angle of the blade to be changed to other angles such as 30 degrees, 45 degrees or other appropriate angles. Another handy feature is that the saw is rather small and portable; the blades range in size from about eight to twelve inches.

Standard saws of this type are considered to be relatively safe to use because the working piece of wood is held firm and steady against a fence, or guiding device, that is attached to it. When the saw head moves, it draws back before it is lowered and fed through the wood, making recoil or binding nearly impossible. Of course, it is also important to keep hands clear of the blade.

Other versions of these tools are also available. One of these is a Compound Miter Saw. It has the ability to tilt the blade sideways as well as horizontally. It can also make cuts on both planes on the same piece of wood. In contrast, the Sliding Compound Saw has even more versatility because it creates wider cuts.

Still another type is the Dual Compound Saw. This power tool allows the blade and motor to change directions, which means that it can tilt to the left and right. As a result, more complicated cuts cam be accomplished with this specialty tool.

When using any models of miter saws, you must create a safe and positive work environment. The user needs to know that chips or saw dust will fly around during the cutting process so it is imperative for operators to wear appropriate eye protection. For the same reason, it is also necessary to use the saw in an open area, clear of objects and other people.


Jig Saw As A Power Tool

A jig saw is a power tool with narrow blade as well as a vertical one. It is often used to make shapes and patterns that are curved.Various materials may be used to make these shapes and patterns. The materials mostly used are wood, plastic, metal and leather.

Such a power tool is manufactured in many variants.There is a powerful kind that cuts shapes out of corded thick wood, aluminum and even mild steel.This is the coded saw.It has two main designs.This could either a barrel-grip design or a top-grip design. These designs reflect the user's choice in as far as level of control blade on the blade is vital.

Secondly there is the cordless saw.This ought to be continually recharged.This alone makes this variant carry less power when compared to the corded one. As a vital advantage, it's electronic blade allows for an instant turn on or turn off with the other being its relative portability that allows for connection to a power source when necessary.This saw also conveniently makes curved shapes out of wood, metal or plastic.

The pneumatic saw is another variant. In comparison with the the corded saw, it weighs about a third of its weight. It has been in the industry for a short time.Perfect use of the pneumatic saw is guaranteed even in damp places. Though noted for its size easily performs heavy duty cutting applications like cutting material like thickened steel.

The last of the variants is the bayonet saw. Unlike the others it is preferred when one requires square shapes out of metal, wood or plastic.The bayonet embodies versatility. This allows for fitting of the saw onto a stand by a workman. It is plagued by a few limitations though. An inability to effectively cut in a linear manner as well as difficulty in cutting fairly thick material are its main demerits.

Two characteristics of this saw are vital for its use.First we have orbital action.Orbital action ensures the blade leans forward when in use. As such a workman can achieve a level of flexibility through ease of change of material. The second feature is Variable speed. Variable speed is especially important when cuts have to be made on metal. It enables one to make intricate cuts and patterns.

A jig saw is vital power tool applicable in different materials be it wood, metal, leather or plastic. It not only allows for versatility in its work place but also gives the workman the opportunity to be more creative.Therefore the choice of a saw is mostly dependent on how functional the saw is and how fast it takes to complete tasks.


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